Mens Grooming

Purple Rain Spa provides men’s grooming services for all occasions whether you are grooming for work, success, to relax, or to improve your health and well-being. Our natural products are designed especially for men. Our treatments are customized to treat problem areas and personal preferences. We can customize a package for all of your grooming and health needs. “Put your best foot forward”, guys.




Mens Retreat Power Pack

(1h Massage or Facial, Hand & Foot Clean Up)


Price(CAD): $149.99


Face Cleansing

Price(CAD): $84.99


Men’s brazilian

Price(CAD): $54.99


Foot Clean Up

Price(CAD): $49.99

Back Wax

Price(CAD): $34.99

Chest Wax

Price(CAD): $24.99

Men’s Deep Tissue Massage

Price(CAD): $74.99


Hand Clean Up

Price(CAD): $29.99


Eyebrows Clean Up

Price(CAD): $7.99