Diabetic Treatment



Diabetic Pedicure


Price(CAD): $49.99


Diabetic Manicure

Price(CAD): $29.99


Diabetic Retreat

(Diabetic Manicure & Pedicure, 1/2hr Aromatherapy Massage)

Price(CAD): $134.99

Nine million Canadians have diabetes or they are pre-diabetic. There are twenty new cases diagnosed every hour, that’s almost a quarter of our population. It is a rampant disease. What causes it? There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 occurs when the pancreas cannot produce insulin, the hormones that control sugar levels in the blood. Type 2 is much more common; it is when the body does not efficiently use the insulin it produces. Type two diabetes and pre-diabetes often occurs as a result of unhealthy everyday choices. Diabetes is serious; it is a major cause of kidney disease, heart disease, and strokes, as well as nerve damage that leads to foot problems.


Diabetes affects the feet in ways of foot disease, poor blood circulation, and damaged nerves which may lead to foot amputation; this is why going to any old spa for a pedicure is a bad idea. You should be conscious and know what is going on during the pedicure treatment. You should always be sure that the person providing the services is knowledgeable about the procedures and cleanliness of the spa. Blading of the feet should be avoided at all cost!


Poor managing of the feet will lead to common foot problems such as athlete’s foot, fungal infection of the nails, calluses, corns, blisters, bunions, dry skin, ingrown toenails, foot ulcers, hammertoes, and plantar warts. These common foot problems can be prevented with proper foot care such as regular pedicure treatments. TREAT THEM BEFORE THEY CAUSE SERIOUS COMPLICATIONS.


At Purple Rain Spa our pedicures can ensure that feet are clean and hydrated which is important when you are managing Diabetes. We specialize in diabetic pedicures. We work hard to help you maintain your feet in a clean, sanitized, and safe environment. We use special products and tools specially design for diabetic treatments. We do not use blades, razors, or any other tools that will harm the feet during the cleansing process. If you have an open wound, bruise, or sores on your feet, we will not perform a pedicure treatment until it is healed. Please see a doctor or a podiatrist.