Two 60mins Revive Facial

$164.99 60mins
Price(CAD): $154.99

Repair / Anti-aging Facial (Anti-Aging, Mature, Wrinkled, Dry)

 $119.99 75mins
Price(CAD): $119.99

Restore Facial (Brigthening, Glycolic, All Skin types)

$119.99 60mins
Price(CAD): $119.99

Revive Back Facial

 $89.99 60mins
Price(CAD): $89.99



Microdermabrasion (Scarring, Discoloration, Dry, Etc.)

$89.99 45mins

Price(CAD): $89.99

Renew (Dry, Dull Tired Skin)

$89.99 60mins

Price(CAD): $89.99

Men’s Cleansing Facial (Prevention if Ingrown Hair, Razor Bumps, & Skin Sensitivity)

$84.99 60min

Price(CAD): $84.99

Revive Facial (Deep Cleansing, Oily, Acne, Etc.)

$84.99 60mins

Price(CAD): $84.99

24 Karat Gold Facial (Amazing Results)

$129.99 75mins
Price(CAD): $129.99


Refresher Facial (Cleanse)

$59.99 30mins

Price(CAD): $59.99


Your skins journey begins here at Purple Rain Spa.

Are you constantly trying different ways to fix your problematic skin but not seeing results? Consistent homecare combined with regular customized professional treatments are inevitable in order to see real change in the health of your skin; this can only be delivered by Purple Rain Spa.

No two people are alike and neither are our facials.Everyone has different skin problems and needs a customized treatment plan for their own needs. There are many factors that can cause our skin to change over time; changing weather patterns, hormones, diet,environment, neglect, etc. Exposed skin such as face, lips, and eyes bear the blunt of it all. At Purple Rain Spa we understand the changes and kinds of treatments needed to maintain that youthful, radiant, hydrated and even complexion all year round; that is why our treatments are customized to fit your needs.

Our skincare specialist will analyze your skin and use their vast knowledge and specialized approach to develop a treatment plan that will truly give you the result you are looking for.

All of our facial treatments include an eye and lip treatment. Facial treatments are generally 60 – 90 minutes based on your needs. RELAX! YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS.

Revive Facial: This deep cleansing facial with GREEN TEA extract is naturally rich in antioxidant, which helps to protect the skin from free radicals and minerals that aid in maintaining great skin. Leaves skin with a healthy glow.

Restore Facial: This treatment facial is designed to brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring. Leaves skin with an even smooth texture.

Repair Anti-Aging Facial: This treatment is designed to smooth fine lines,stimulate collagen, and even out skin tone and hydrate the skin. Leaving skin with a youthful andageless appearance.

Renew Facial: Pumpkin enzyme treatment is an ideal exfoliation for dry skin, aging, or hyper-pigmented skin. Pumpkin naturally contains vitamins A, C, and E as well as salicylicacid. This combination helps to accelerate cell turnover and restore a youthful glow to the skin.

Refresher Facial: Just the basic cleanse, steam, exfoliate, and hydrate for those on the go that have normal skin. This express facial will leave your skin glowing.

Microdermabrasion: To buff away dead skin cells on skins outer layer, leaving behind a new, smoother layer. Microdermabrasion helps treat acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. The treatment commonly occurs every four weeks and packages can be sold in sets.

Men’s Facial: Customize to men’s specific skin condition. Focus on prevention of ingrown hair, razor bumps, and skin sensitivity.