Massage promotes the overall well-being of the mind, body, and soul; great for detoxifying the body. It Improves blood circulation to the muscles, boost the immune system, and eases tension. You can also use massage as a relaxation from a stressful day.



Two 75mins Aroma Hot Stone Massage

Price(CAD): $199.99


Two 60mins Revive Massage

Price(CAD): $144.99

Aromatherapy Restore (Hot Stone)

$99.9975 mins
Price(CAD): $99.99



Aromatherapy Revive (Deep Tissue)

$79.99 60 mins

Price(CAD): $79.99


Aromatherapy Refresher

$54.99 30 mins

Price(CAD): $54.99


Aromatherapy Foot Relaxer

$24.99 20 mins

Price(CAD): $24.99


RMT(registered Massage)

$90 60 min

Price(CAD): $85.00
$75 45 min
Price(CAD): $65.00
$65 30 min
Price(CAD): $55.00

Reflexology benefits:


Reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to other parts of the body with the ability to stimulate neural function, increase energy, boosts circulation, eliminate toxin, migraine, sleep disorders, and relieve pain.


Relieve muscle tension, improves circulation, stimulate endorphins to relieve pain naturally, improves blood flow, promote deep relaxation, heals and restores proper body function and reduce wrinkle and sagging of the face.


-30 mins

Price(CAD): $45.00



-60 mins

Price(CAD): $70.00