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Your skins journey begins here at Purple Rain Spa.

Are you constantly trying different ways to fix your problematic skin but not seeing results? Consistent homecare combined with regular customized professional treatments are inevitable in order to see real change in the health of your skin; this can only be delivered by Purple Rain Spa.


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Hair Removal

We also have a strict NO DOUBLE DIPPING POLICY that will set your mind at ease to relax and enjoy your service knowing that YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS. read more


UV Gel Nails

UV gel nails are artificial extensions worn on the fingertips. We use ultraviolet light to cure the gel during the application process.

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footcareFootcare Treatment

At purple Spa we believe that our feet work hard for us each and every day getting us anywhere we want to go


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With tinted eyelashes the eyes will look more vivid, expressive, and attractive for weeks. Tinting the eyelashes is extremely practical and time saving because daily use of mascara is not needed.

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